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Oct 2018

Run to the Sound of the Guns

Nicholas Moore, US Army The 75th Ranger Regiment veteran talks about his soon-to-be released book, "Run to the Sound of the Guns".

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Jul 2018

TNAV: The Search for Aliveness

Chad Gabriel, "The Sherpa of Purpose" talks about Tuthill Corporation's The Search for Aliveness.

This is a cool video project, they are looking for all types of people through a Casting Call, including a combat veteran.

Learn more here:

Jun 2018

Michael Reagan - The Reagan Legacy Foundation

Karl interviews Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan. They talk about his efforts to honor and memorialize World War II veterans of the European Theater of Operations.

For more information:

The Reagan Legacy Foundation:
Airborne Museum:
Message from Michael:

​The Walkway officially opened on June 6th - the 74th anniversary of DDay. The first phase of the walkway has been installed and additional phases will be installed on a quarterly basis through the years. The Walkway is a permanent exhibit at the Airborne Museum. The program will go on indefinitely as a memorial and a tribute to all those who fought in WWII. It is designed as a tribute to the heroes and an educational tool to teach younger/future generations about WWII and especially D-Day.

The Walkway itself has sections dedicated to Hollywood actors and directors who put their careers on hold to serve in WWII, such as: Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan, Audie Murphy, Henry Fonda, etc.Also a section is dedicated to professional athletes such as: Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Bob Feller, etc.In addition, many women who served as medical personnel in the European theatre of World War II as real heroes will be included.

May 2018

Long Walk for 22, Comfort Farms/STAGvets

This episode of The New American Veteran features Ranger veteran Jon Jackson of Comfort Farms/STAGvets and Stephen Lewis, a high school coach. Stephen learned about Jon's work and is raising awareness and money this Memorial Day weekend. I think this is one of my best interviews so far - not because of my interview skills, but because of the topic and lessons learned we discuss. Watch!



Apr 2018

Navy SEAL veteran Jim Sullivan talks transition

Retired SEAL Command Master Chief Jim Sullivan on transition - lessons learned and opportunities.

Apr 2018

US Army Veteran Michael Malcolm - a veteran with a dream and a business opportunity

Today's TNAV guest: Michael Malcolm, an Army veteran who has a unique business plan and opportunity. For more information, visit his page linked at his name.

Mar 2018

Jim O’Ferrell: Ranger, veteran, rockstar

This episode of TNAV features Jim O'Ferrell, leader of the The J.O.B., the Jim O'Ferrell Band.
From Richmond, Virginia, 1SG Jim O’Ferrell retired from the US Army in 2008 after returning from his second deployment to the War in Iraq. A career soldier and lifetime singer-songwriter, he co-founded The J.O.B. (The Jim O’Ferrell Band) with lead guitarist Jason Crawford to record the powerful songs he had written while deployed. The group has since evolved into a diverse alternative rock band with 5 albums, 3 national Top 40 charting songs, and scores of live performances from saloons to festivals all over the eastern United States. Rounding out their 4 piece band is Jared Merrill on bass guitar and Eric Bandy on the drums. Along with many songs about life, love, sorrow, and hope, Jim composes soldier-perspective songs in an effort to connect with other vets and to bridge the gap between veterans and those listeners with no connection or understanding of military life.
Jim served in many capacities in the US Army and the Army National Guard. Among those assignments, Jim served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion and was a RI at Camp Darby in US Army Ranger School. His awards and decorations include the Combat Infantryman Badge, Combat Action Badge, Bronze Star Medal (x2), and the Legion of Merit.
When not on tour or in the recording studio, Jim works as a volunteer with the USO at Richmond International Airport. He has three sons (one college student, one chef, one 82nd Airborne paratrooper) and two grandchildren.
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Jan 2018

Rob Tovar, Marine Corps Veteran and Entrepreneur

Rob Tovar is a Marine Corps veteran and co-founder of the Fort Knox Network.

Watch him tell about the Fort Knox Network and 2112 Inc. 2112 is a 20,000 square foot business incubator focused on the development of start-ups in the fields of music, film/video, sports, fashion, interactive, immersive and entertainment technology. The incubator is located within Fort Knox Studios, a 160,000 square foot B2B creative ecosystem on Chicago’s Northwest side that boasts 100 band rehearsal rooms, 12 recording studios, 3 sound/stage production companies, a stagehand school, The Hangar a 7,200 sq. ft. film/video production facility, instrument and amp repair, and an additional 35,000 square feet of office space for the creative sector.

Summer of 2018, they are opening a 190,000 square foot facility in Nashville and have plans to open in up to 10 additional cities in the coming years.

Rob Tovar
Cinema Division|
The Hangar|2112 Inc.|
Co-Founder Fort Knox Network
4255 N Knox Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

'Staging 4 TV - MUSIC - FILM - EVENTS'




Dec 2017

Fiske Hanley II talks about his WWII experiences as a B29 pilot and POW

On December 9th, 2017 World War II veteran, pilot Fiske Hanley II spoke to the Metroportvets monthly breakfast at Meat U Anywhere BBQ & Catering - Trophy Club. Check out his answer towards the end when I asked him for advice to a transitioning veteran.

Get a copy of his book here.

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Thanks Jim Parrow for arranging this speaker.

Thanks Andy at Meat U Anywhere for hosting us every month. If you are in the area, join us! 0900 the 2nd Saturday of every month.


Nov 2017

A Tale of the Grenada Raiders

In his first interview since 1984, US Army Ranger veteran, medic and Silver Star recipient Stephen Trujillo talks about being a Ranger, Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada) and his new book, A Tale of the Grenada Raiders.
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