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Sail Ahead: Healing Wounded Veterans through Sailing

One of my favorite interviews ever, Sean and Killian - two brothers who started Sail Ahead: Healing Wounded Veterans through Sailing. I'm working from temporary space, so apologies in advance for any warbling in the recording. This is good stuff and kudo's to these two for what they are doing. We need more like them. 



Bill Bradley, Coal Black Exotics

US Army Ranger veteran Bill Bradley talks about transition from active duty and finding purpose in life after the military.




Bonnie Carroll, TAPS President and Founder

In this interview, show host Karl Monger interviews Bonnie Carroll, founder and president of TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.  Born from the tragic loss of her husband, TAPS has helped countless survivors of loss.  Herself a veteran, Bonnie is an inspirational leader.



Bonnie Carroll is a 2015 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She is a military veteran, the surviving spouse of the Brigadier General Tom Carroll, a former staffer in the Reagan and Bush White Houses, and the President and Founder of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), the leading national Military Service Organization providing compassionate care, casework assistance, and 24/7/365 emotional support for all those impacted by the death of a military loved one. Ms. Carroll founded TAPS following the death of her husband in an Army C-12 plane crash on November 12, 1992.

Ms. Carroll served in Baghdad, Iraq as the Deputy Senior Advisor for Programs in the Ministry of Communications. In that capacity, she managed the execution of a quarter billion dollars in US Supplemental funds for the reconstruction of the telecommunications capability in Iraq, the modernization of the postal service, and creation of the Iraq Communications and Media Commission. She continues to work with Iraqi surviving families facing traumatic loss.

Before going to Iraq, Ms. Carroll was appointed to be the White House Liaison for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Washington, DC. Prior to this appointment, she served as director of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and ensured the development of programs to aid families coping with a traumatic loss in the military.

Carroll retired as a Major in the Air Force Reserve following 30 years of service, where her career included service as Chief, Casualty Operations, HQ USAF. Her last assignment was on the HQ USAF National Security and Emergency Preparedness staff in the Pentagon. Prior to joining the USAFR, Major Carroll served 16 years in the Air National Guard as a Transportation Officer, Logistics Officer, and Executive Officer.

Ms. Carroll holds a degree in Public Administration and Political Science from American University and a degree in Equine Science from Springfield College. She has completed Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government's Executive Leadership Program on International Conflict Resolution, and is a graduate of several military service schools, including the USAF Logistics Officer Course, Squadron Officers School, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, Academy of Military Science (Distinguished Graduate), and USAF Basic Training (Honor Graduate).

Ms. Carroll has served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Death Education and Counseling, the Department of Defense Military Family Readiness Council, the VA Advisory Committee on Disability Compensation, and is past co-chair of the Department of Defense Task Force on the Prevention of Suicide by Members of the Armed Forces. She currently serves on the Defense Health Board and the Board of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

She is the author of Healing Your Grieving Heart After A Military Death and has authored numerous articles on grief and trauma. She has appeared on CNN, FOX, NBC's The Today Show, and other national programs speaking about military loss. In addition to receiving the 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom, Ms. Carroll was featured in People Magazine as a "Hero Among Us" and received recognition as "Washingtonian of the Year." She has also received the "National Citizen" Award from the Military Chaplains Association and the "Faithfully Serving America" Award from the American Legion. She was named a recipient of the Community Heroes Award by the Military Officers Association of America, and been recognized by the Defense Department with the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service, and has received the Army's Outstanding Civilian Service Medal and the Navy's Distinguished Public Service Award.

During her earlier career in Washington, DC, Ms. Carroll lived and worked on Capitol Hill as a political consultant on Presidential and Congressional campaigns and consultant on aerospace and national defense issues. In the federal government, she held Presidential Appointments in the Reagan and Bush Administrations, including a senior level position within the West Wing of the White House as Executive Assistant for Cabinet Affairs. In this capacity, she served as liaison for President Reagan with his Cabinet, coordinating domestic and economic policy implementation. In the administration of George Herbert Walker Bush, Ms. Carroll served in the White House Counsel's Office, assisting with the legal review process for Presidential nominees to the Cabinet and other senior government positions requiring Senate Confirmation.

Ms. Carroll divides time between her home in Anchorage, Alaska and the TAPS National Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.




Marine Corps veteran Joe Lee, USO Senior Multimedia Specialist

Karl Monger interviews Marine Corps veteran and trained combat correspondant Joe Lee.  Joe now is the senior multimedia specialist for the USO.
My mission is to produce content that connects. My tools and talents include cinematography, digital media, traditional reporting, photojournalism, and print storytelling. Trained as a Marine Combat Correspondent by the Defense Information School (DINFOS) in 2002, my core training in mass communication is well-rounded and my experience includes more than 20 years in both the government and private sectors of the industry. A natural on both Mac and PC; Nikon and Canon; as well as AVID, Adobe, and Final Cut, my eye for aesthetic and natural grasp for the story arc helps me craft compelling narratives for brands, news agencies and individuals. 

When donor dollars are sacred, mission delivery becomes critical. In my current high-profile role at the USO, I often work remotely and independently to deliver feature stories and critical visual components for high-value brand campaigns on location under a variety of conditions. I shine under pressure and on tight deadlines, thinking and communicating strategically with a variety of people. Coveted for my ingenuity both on and off the job, I was hired in the fall of 2016 as a Teaching Assistant in UX Engineering at Harvard Extension School.

My well-rounded academic background includes traditional journalism as well as front- and back-end web and video production technologies. My work experience includes newspaper editing, magazine feature writing, film production, operations, sales and management, installation media management and public relations, as well as IT project management and general business startup operations.

As an entrepreneur, I've successfully built both online and service-oriented businesses and I excel at maximizing growth while minimizing early investment by choosing optimal business models and practicing core business best practices.


Retired Army Chaplain Matthew Owen Williams - This Veteran Life

This Veteran Life - Retired US Army Chaplain Matt Williams.  Singer, song-writer, healer.  Interview by Karl Monger. Get his music at





TroopScore was founded by Army veterans Aaron Sanders and Brandon Sirois.  Their innovative website provides a forum for veterans to rate and review organizations and businesses providing goods and services to veterans.  







Resiliency 4 Life - Robert Alcantara

Listen as US Army 82nd Airborne veteran talks about his transition and the work he's doing coaching veterans and others to greater levels of personal achievement.




Veterans in the Law, Veterans Court and Federal Bar Association National Community Outreach

Hon. Michael J. Newman- United States Magistrate Judge and President of The Federal Bar Association talks about the Federal Bar Association's National Community Outreach Program, Veterans' Courts and veterans becoming attorneys.