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Rob Tovar, Marine Corps Veteran and Entrepreneur

Rob Tovar is a Marine Corps veteran and co-founder of the Fort Knox Network.

Watch him tell about the Fort Knox Network and 2112 Inc. 2112 is a 20,000 square foot business incubator focused on the development of start-ups in the fields of music, film/video, sports, fashion, interactive, immersive and entertainment technology. The incubator is located within Fort Knox Studios, a 160,000 square foot B2B creative ecosystem on Chicago’s Northwest side that boasts 100 band rehearsal rooms, 12 recording studios, 3 sound/stage production companies, a stagehand school, The Hangar a 7,200 sq. ft. film/video production facility, instrument and amp repair, and an additional 35,000 square feet of office space for the creative sector.

Summer of 2018, they are opening a 190,000 square foot facility in Nashville and have plans to open in up to 10 additional cities in the coming years.

Rob Tovar
Cinema Division|
The Hangar|2112 Inc.|
Co-Founder Fort Knox Network
4255 N Knox Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

'Staging 4 TV - MUSIC - FILM - EVENTS'





Fiske Hanley II talks about his WWII experiences as a B29 pilot and POW

On December 9th, 2017 World War II veteran, pilot Fiske Hanley II spoke to the Metroportvets monthly breakfast at Meat U Anywhere BBQ & Catering - Trophy Club. Check out his answer towards the end when I asked him for advice to a transitioning veteran.

Get a copy of his book here.

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Thanks Jim Parrow for arranging this speaker.

Thanks Andy at Meat U Anywhere for hosting us every month. If you are in the area, join us! 0900 the 2nd Saturday of every month.



A Tale of the Grenada Raiders

In his first interview since 1984, US Army Ranger veteran, medic and Silver Star recipient Stephen Trujillo talks about being a Ranger, Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada) and his new book, A Tale of the Grenada Raiders.
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Wills for Veterans

Wills for Veterans is a new initiative of the Federal Bar Association that began at the national level in February 2017. This is a pro bono project where participating FBA chapters are providing will drafting and signing services to any veterans in the local area. The FBA had encouraged all chapters to take part in this program on Thursday, November 9 to coincide with Veterans Day (November 11). All chapters will be free to execute the program as they see fit. So far, 20 chapters have already signed up. Volunteer attorneys, paralegals, and notaries will perform the services, and volunteer witnesses will also donate their time.

To avoid any type of malpractice liability, the chapters will ensure that all attorneys have an active malpractice policy and that the wills are limited to basic estate planning (no trusts, etc.) If a client needs more specialized services, the chapters will provide a list of local practicing estate attorneys who are available at a reduced rate.
Participating FBA chapters include: Baton Rouge Chapter, Broward County Chapter, Capitol Hill Chapter, Dayton Chapter, District of Columbia Chapter, Eastern District of Michigan Chapter, Idaho Chapter, Inland Empire Chapter, John W. Peck Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Chapter, Massachusetts Chapter, Memphis/Mid-South Chapter, Minnesota Chapter, New Orleans Chapter, Northern District of Ohio Chapter, Northern District of West Virginia Chapter, Pentagon Chapter, Sacramento Chapter, San Antonio Chapter, Tampa Bay Chapter, and William D. Browning Chapter.

Contact person for this project: Todd Hedgepeth, or (210) 652-8579 (DSN 478).

About the Federal Bar Association: 
The Federal Bar Association consists of more than 20,000 federal lawyers, including 1,500 federal judges, who work together to promote the sound administration of justice, quality, and independence of the judiciary. Through its multifaceted programs, the FBA advocates on federal issues that impact the practice of federal lawyers and the courts; provides opportunities for scholarship and education to the profession; delivers opportunities for judges and attorneys to professionally and socially interact; and promotes high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct. The mission of the Federal Bar Association includes serving not just the interests of federal judiciary and the federal practitioner, but also the interests of the community that they serve.

Main FBA Website: 
FBA Wills for Vets Page:

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Fishers of Trout and Men

Karl Monger interviews U.S. Army Veteran, author and poet Richard Raugust, author of Fishers of Trout and Men. Check out the interview and get your copy here:


Joel Hunt is the H-Train

Karl Monger interviews U.S. Army Veteran Joel Hunt about his injury, recovery and The H-Train Show. Joel has overcome significant obstacles and he is a force to be reckoned! #purpleheart #tbi #veteran #transitionGallantFew, Inc. The Raider Project The Darby Project Run Ranger Run Heroes Media Group Laura Orrico Public Relations






The Colorado-based #Paralympian and Purple Heart Recipient Gains Momentum With The H-Train Show on Military Brotherhood Radio

Date: August 4, 2017 Media Contact: Laura Orrico Public Relations, LLC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Laura Orrico - President: (818) 523-9636 OR

DENVER, CO – After suffering a traumatic brain injury and leg paralyzation while serving in Baqubah, Iraq, Joel Hunt has beat the odds by competing as a paralympian skier in the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. Hunt was the first to compete in the Paralympics with his aforementioned brain injury. He is now the host of The H-Train Show, a podcast that is devoted to sharing the stories of veterans. Hunt volunteers his time for this podcast as a way to give back to his fellow veterans.

The H-Train Show is broadcast on Military Brotherhood Radio, which prides itself on being “radio with a reason.” The show features interviews with former veterans, those involved with veteran assistance, as well as notable public figures. Hunt’s intent with the podcast is to see that veterans get recognition and inform them of programs that exist in addition to Veterans’ Affairs.

Hunt joined the Army in 1998 and was injured during his third deployment in Iraq and had to return home to the care of his parents. He soon learned how to continue life in a wheelchair. His parents urged him to attend a military ski camp in 2008 which tested his strength and tenacity. He became nationally ranked by the 2009-2010 ski season, leading him to the Canadian nationals where he qualified for the World Cup and Paralympics in Sochi, Russia. Following his participation in Russia in 2014, Hunt retired from skiing and began volunteering full-time with his radio show.

Hunt was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana and is now recognized as the first Paralympian from his hometown. He has gained recognition for his athletic talent across the nation, and was given a Purple Heart from Forgotten Heroes. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his loving and supportive wife, Kassie Hunt.

Hunt has appeared in USA Today, CBS Local, and The Hollywood Reporter. He is dedicated to sharing his story as a way to provide a voice for injured veterans and to teach others that, tough times don’t last, but tough people do. To interview Hunt on his story or about his podcast, please reach out to the PR contact above for arrangements.

Joel Hunt Links:
Joel’s Website:
Military Brotherhood Website:
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Buddy Sosthand - Stuntman, Patriot, Podcast Host

Karl interviews Buddy Sosthand, a military brat, nationally recognized award-winning stuntman who has appeared in films such as The Expendables, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Captain America: Civil War. He is now the co-host of The Great American Podcast, alongside television actor John Pirruccello.  Watch the video of the interview here.

From his biography:

While a conservative, Sosthand works hard to produce a non-partisan podcast and is what we call a “Happy Warrior”. Born in Great Falls, Montana, Joseph Willie "Buddy" Sosthand II, was part of a military family who eventually settled in Texas. He graduated with a degree in philosophy from Texas State University and began working on films in the late '90s. After starting as an actor, leadman, and production assistant, he transitioned into stunt acting in the early 2000's, eventually becoming known as the go-to for some of America’s biggest and most recognizable stars and recording artists.

Sosthand has doubled for the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Dr. Dre has had success with everything he has set his mind to - from film and music, to owning his own clothing line, American Stuntman 76 Clothing. He holds a World Taurus Award for his work in Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest and has been nominated multiple times for a SAG Award. He is now the owner of Buddy Loves Stunts, Inc. The happily married, father of triplets resides in Los Angeles and actively continues to work in film and television.

Sosthand speaks fluent Spanish and spends some of his free time doing volunteer work in Mexico. He is also the son-in-law of conservative author, Shelby Steele. With The Great American Podcast, Sosthand strives to impart the values of Americanism to its listeners. He is interested in American stories as they relate to the greatness of the United States. Buddy loves weighing in on a vast variety of fun and entertaining topics from American history to entertainment and politics to current events. He is both honored and excited to have been recently nominated for a prestigious MAGA Award for his new show. The awards will take place in D.C. this summer. 



The Great American Podcast is a show that focuses on American exceptionalism. It is hosted by Buddy Sosthand and John Pirruccello. Sosthand is an award-winning stuntman who has worked in major blockbuster films, including The Expendables and Pirates of the Caribbean 2, while Pirruccello is a television and film actor who has appeared on such shows as Two and a Half Men and Thundercats. Sosthand and Pirruccello work with the idea that every American should have a voice on their show, but that the voice may also be challenged. The Great American Podcast is intellectually curious about the human condition, as well as current events. The podcast was born with the intent to engage listeners and interviewees with pride and integrity. 

From The Great American Podcast you will find shows like On The Porch and Buddy’s own BRoll. The wide range of guests include Natalie Foster, host of Love at First Shot to Award winning documentary filmmaker Eli Steele to Steve Lolli of Accidentally Funny. While the Podcast is relatively new, it has already gained a lot of momentum and has received a nomination for the prestigious MAGA Award, an event that is set to take place in D.C. this summer. 

The Great American Podcast website:
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GallantFew, Inc. is a 501(c)3 dedicated to helping every veteran transition from military service to civilian lives full of purpose and hope.  


Steve Maguire - a Lifelong Night Operation

Steve Maguire was blinded by an explosion while leading a patrol in Vietnam. He describes his situation as "a lifelong night operation" and has been a leader in the veteran community ever since recovering from that fateful day.
Inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame, Maguire has written two books - one an autobiography about his life and experiences, the other a novel based on his experiences in Vietnam.
Links to his books start with the Amazon Smile program. Be sure and select GallantFew as your Amazon Smile Charity!
The full interview is available on Youtube:, Facebook:

Sail Ahead: Healing Wounded Veterans through Sailing

One of my favorite interviews ever, Sean and Killian - two brothers who started Sail Ahead: Healing Wounded Veterans through Sailing. I'm working from temporary space, so apologies in advance for any warbling in the recording. This is good stuff and kudo's to these two for what they are doing. We need more like them. 



Bill Bradley, Coal Black Exotics

US Army Ranger veteran Bill Bradley talks about transition from active duty and finding purpose in life after the military.