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The New American Veteran

Oct 2014

The Old Fort Lodge, Jonathan Sellers

October 7, 2014

This episode features US Army Ranger veteran Jonathan Sellers (3rd Ranger Battalion).  He tells us about his service, his transition and his current work helping veterans and other segments of society achieve more fulfilling lives of purpose and hope through The Old Fort Lodge.  Check them out on Facebook.

Real American Heroes:  Our nation’s veterans have become more and more disenfranchised when they enter society as a civilian.  We are a place for veterans to learn job skills in the field of property management.  Veterans become retrained with vocational skills which can be applied Anywhere USA.  Additionally, while in training, the veterans help out the community by applying these skills where needed so they can build experience while in training.  Veterans will also learn to adjust to the civilian life while in training so they are less likely to experience disenfranchised conditions going forward

Transitioning veteran?  GallantFew stands ready to assist no matter where along your transition path you may be.

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