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Oct 2014

Sua Sponte Elite Race Team

October 22, 2014
The New American Veteran talk show welcomes US Army Ranger veterans Josh Mathis and Matthew Doyle.  Both have multiple combat deployments with the 1st Ranger Battalion and achieved leadership positions within the Ranger Regiment prior to departing the service.

In January 2014, Matthew Doyle and Josh Mathis reunited after almost 10 years. They met in Naples, Florida and competed in the HITS half iron distance triathlon (70.3 miles).  Matthew was racing for Naples Area Triathletes, and Josh for Team RWB. 

At approximately mile 68 (mile 10 on the run portion), Matthew and Josh joked about the idea of starting a race team comprised of Battalion Rangers and their families.  Finishing the race together, carrying a Ranger flag for their fallen brothers, Sua Sponte Elite Race Team (SSERT) was born.

The team grew quickly with over 100 members in just a couple of months.  Josh and Matthew began to create team events across the United States to promote the “esprit de corps” which holds the Ranger Regiment community together.  They contacted Ranger charities including Lead the Way Fund, GallantFew, and Sua Sponte Foundation to work with and to raise money for these great organizations. 

The only requirement to join the team is to have served in Ranger Regiment.  Additionally, the spouses/ significant others and families are welcome and encouraged to join the team; We are proud to have Gold Star Spouses on the team too.  Upon joining, members will receive: a membership tech shirt, access to all team discounts, access to the team forum (it’s like being back in the barracks with your Ranger brothers), access to our team store, access to team events, and the full support of SSERT and its extensive knowledge base in each respective sport.

SSERT’s mission statement is “to get the Rangers off Fort Couch and get active again”.  Matthew and Josh promote the camaraderie that exists within the Regiment.  They're trying to give Ranger Veterans the opportunity to do something extremely positive for themselves while representing the scroll once again, reunite with old Ranger buddies, and raise some money for the charities that help our brothers.  The athletes do this through competing in triathlon, marathons, 5k’s, 10K’s, cycling, mud runs, adventure races, kayak races, swimming, and any other competition a Ranger can come up with to raise money and/or represent Sua Sponte Elite Race Team.  

Today, SSERT continues to grow promoting moral and physical support for Veteran and active duty Rangers and their families. 

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