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Jun 2018

Michael Reagan - The Reagan Legacy Foundation

June 27, 2018

Karl interviews Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan. They talk about his efforts to honor and memorialize World War II veterans of the European Theater of Operations.

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The Reagan Legacy Foundation:
Airborne Museum:
Message from Michael:

​The Walkway officially opened on June 6th - the 74th anniversary of DDay. The first phase of the walkway has been installed and additional phases will be installed on a quarterly basis through the years. The Walkway is a permanent exhibit at the Airborne Museum. The program will go on indefinitely as a memorial and a tribute to all those who fought in WWII. It is designed as a tribute to the heroes and an educational tool to teach younger/future generations about WWII and especially D-Day.

The Walkway itself has sections dedicated to Hollywood actors and directors who put their careers on hold to serve in WWII, such as: Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan, Audie Murphy, Henry Fonda, etc.Also a section is dedicated to professional athletes such as: Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Bob Feller, etc.In addition, many women who served as medical personnel in the European theatre of World War II as real heroes will be included.