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May 2017

Marine Corps veteran Joe Lee, USO Senior Multimedia Specialist

May 26, 2017
Karl Monger interviews Marine Corps veteran and trained combat correspondant Joe Lee.  Joe now is the senior multimedia specialist for the USO.
My mission is to produce content that connects. My tools and talents include cinematography, digital media, traditional reporting, photojournalism, and print storytelling. Trained as a Marine Combat Correspondent by the Defense Information School (DINFOS) in 2002, my core training in mass communication is well-rounded and my experience includes more than 20 years in both the government and private sectors of the industry. A natural on both Mac and PC; Nikon and Canon; as well as AVID, Adobe, and Final Cut, my eye for aesthetic and natural grasp for the story arc helps me craft compelling narratives for brands, news agencies and individuals. 

When donor dollars are sacred, mission delivery becomes critical. In my current high-profile role at the USO, I often work remotely and independently to deliver feature stories and critical visual components for high-value brand campaigns on location under a variety of conditions. I shine under pressure and on tight deadlines, thinking and communicating strategically with a variety of people. Coveted for my ingenuity both on and off the job, I was hired in the fall of 2016 as a Teaching Assistant in UX Engineering at Harvard Extension School.

My well-rounded academic background includes traditional journalism as well as front- and back-end web and video production technologies. My work experience includes newspaper editing, magazine feature writing, film production, operations, sales and management, installation media management and public relations, as well as IT project management and general business startup operations.

As an entrepreneur, I've successfully built both online and service-oriented businesses and I excel at maximizing growth while minimizing early investment by choosing optimal business models and practicing core business best practices.