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Oct 2017

Buddy Sosthand - Stuntman, Patriot, Podcast Host

October 4, 2017

Karl interviews Buddy Sosthand, a military brat, nationally recognized award-winning stuntman who has appeared in films such as The Expendables, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Captain America: Civil War. He is now the co-host of The Great American Podcast, alongside television actor John Pirruccello.  Watch the video of the interview here.

From his biography:

While a conservative, Sosthand works hard to produce a non-partisan podcast and is what we call a “Happy Warrior”. Born in Great Falls, Montana, Joseph Willie "Buddy" Sosthand II, was part of a military family who eventually settled in Texas. He graduated with a degree in philosophy from Texas State University and began working on films in the late '90s. After starting as an actor, leadman, and production assistant, he transitioned into stunt acting in the early 2000's, eventually becoming known as the go-to for some of America’s biggest and most recognizable stars and recording artists.

Sosthand has doubled for the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Dr. Dre has had success with everything he has set his mind to - from film and music, to owning his own clothing line, American Stuntman 76 Clothing. He holds a World Taurus Award for his work in Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest and has been nominated multiple times for a SAG Award. He is now the owner of Buddy Loves Stunts, Inc. The happily married, father of triplets resides in Los Angeles and actively continues to work in film and television.

Sosthand speaks fluent Spanish and spends some of his free time doing volunteer work in Mexico. He is also the son-in-law of conservative author, Shelby Steele. With The Great American Podcast, Sosthand strives to impart the values of Americanism to its listeners. He is interested in American stories as they relate to the greatness of the United States. Buddy loves weighing in on a vast variety of fun and entertaining topics from American history to entertainment and politics to current events. He is both honored and excited to have been recently nominated for a prestigious MAGA Award for his new show. The awards will take place in D.C. this summer. 



The Great American Podcast is a show that focuses on American exceptionalism. It is hosted by Buddy Sosthand and John Pirruccello. Sosthand is an award-winning stuntman who has worked in major blockbuster films, including The Expendables and Pirates of the Caribbean 2, while Pirruccello is a television and film actor who has appeared on such shows as Two and a Half Men and Thundercats. Sosthand and Pirruccello work with the idea that every American should have a voice on their show, but that the voice may also be challenged. The Great American Podcast is intellectually curious about the human condition, as well as current events. The podcast was born with the intent to engage listeners and interviewees with pride and integrity. 

From The Great American Podcast you will find shows like On The Porch and Buddy’s own BRoll. The wide range of guests include Natalie Foster, host of Love at First Shot to Award winning documentary filmmaker Eli Steele to Steve Lolli of Accidentally Funny. While the Podcast is relatively new, it has already gained a lot of momentum and has received a nomination for the prestigious MAGA Award, an event that is set to take place in D.C. this summer. 

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